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Research Staff Employment Opportunities

A number of staff, including Research Assistants, Lab Technicians, Post Docs, and others, support the research efforts at ECIM.

All research staff positions at ECIM are determined by current research priorities and funding availability, and are associated with the lab of a specific faculty member.

Research Assistants and Lab Technicians at ECIM assist with laboratory and/or field work for a particular faculty member’s lab. An entry-level position, this job generally requires an undergraduate degree in marine biology or a related field.

Postdoctoral Researcher positions at ECIM are only available through research grants of one of the faculty members or through the Chilean FONDECYT open post-doctoral grant competition. Unfortunately, ECIM does not have additional funds for post-doctoral fellows.

Less frequently, other types of positions at ECIM, for example relating to outreach or education, may become available.

For information about current staff openings in labs at ECIM, please contact the ECIM faculty member(s) with whom you are interested in working.