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Graduate Student

Graduate student research is a core focus of ECIM. Most graduate students working at ECIM are in the Ecology PhD Program at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. For more information about this doctoral program, including how to apply, please visit the PUC website.

Masters and doctoral students from other labs and departments at the PUC, and from other universities in Chile and internationally, may also request permission to conduct research at ECIM. Visiting students may be able to use facilities at ECIM, including on-site housing, kitchen facilities, and laboratory space, usually for a moderate fee. For more information, please directly contact the Director of ECIM or another faculty member associated with the station.

ECIM is also part of a joint laboratory, LIA-DIAMS (Laboratoire Internacional Associé – Dispersal and Adaptation in Marine Species), with Roscoff Marine Laboratory of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) of France, focused on the ecology and population genetics of dispersal and adaptation of marine invertebrates and seaweeds. PhD students in this program participate in a truly integrated PUC-Paris VI program, receiving doctoral degrees from both institutions.