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Community Education

ECIM has provided free community classes focused on the marine ecology of the rocky intertidal zone of central Chile for residents of coastal communities in and near Las Cruces. These introductory-level courses have covered a range of topics, including coastal ecosystems, currents and waves, birds, algae, intertidal invertebrates, coastal conservation, and ECIM history. Courses have integrated basic natural history and ecology concepts with more advanced topics based on research conducted by ECIM scientists.

Classes at ECIM facilities The diverse local citizens participating in the courses have included grass-roots environmentalists, artists, fisherwomen, local government officials, divers, students, and teachers. Many have used the knowledge from the courses to develop and support local coastal stewardship projects, such as the Parque Ecopoético in Las Cruces and the Parque Río Maipo in Santo Domingo, which ECIM has supported as well.

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