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Parque Ecopoético

In collaboration with a group of grassroots environmentalists, the Ecological Committee of the Cultural Agroupation of Las Cruces, and the PUC's Direction of Infrastructure, ECIM co-sponsored the Parque Ecopoético, a small natural park along a section of coast adjacent to ECIM in Las Cruces.

The philosophy of the park is to maintain the coastal border in a natural state, and to inspire beach visitors to care for and value the coastal environment. Volunteers maintain the park and keep it free of trash, and interpretive signs increase awareness of local native flora and fauna and the nearby ECIM marine protected area.

Drawing on the important local tradition of poetry, signs featuring poems related to ecology and the coastal environment by local poets Nicanor Parra, Pablo Neruda, and Vicente Huidobro can be found within the park as well. ECIM helped initiate and develop the park, provided an 8-week training course in coastal ecology for park volunteers, and continues to work with local Las Cruces residents to support the project.