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Parque de la Naturaleza Río Maipo

The mouth of the Maipo River and adjacent ocean shore, located in the town of Rocas de Santo Domingo, represents an important natural habitat for a great diversity of marine and freshwater birds, including many migratory species. ECIM, as the representative of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, has partnered with the Municipality of Rocas de Santo Domingo to protect this natural area through the creation and support of a municipal park, the Parque de la Naturaleza Río Maipo.

The main objectives of the Parque Río Maipo are conservation, education, and scientific investigation of migratory and resident birds and their associated habitats. Projects have included the construction of a bird lookout; baseline studies of birds, vegetation and small mammals; a free 4-session training course on the local ecology for community members, presented by ECIM; public workshops and bird-watching field trips in the park, organized by graduates of the training course; the creation of educational posters and birding field guides; participation in bird censuses; construction of instructional and interpretive signs; and collaboration on periodic beach clean ups.