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Research at ECIM is conducted by a number of Faculty, Post-Docs, Research Associates and Students from the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), as well as by collaborating scientists from other Chilean universities and around the world. The research community is composed of some 20-30 resident researchers with offices at ECIM, as well as exchange scientists from other universities in Chile and abroad.

Another group of about 15-20 researchers based in CASEB, PUC, visits ECIM regularly from Santiago to set up and monitor experiments. Two PUC faculty members have permanent offices and labs at ECIM: Sergio Navarrete, Director of ECIM, and Miriam Fernández. Two other PUC faculty members have offices and labs based in Santiago, but work extensively at ECIM: Juan Carlos Castilla, Patricio Ojeda and Ricardo Letelier. There are also several other PUC professors, with permanent offices and labs in Santiago, who conduct some of their research at ECIM.