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Patricio Ojeda Lab

Principal Investigator

Patricio Ojeda received his PhD from the University of Maine in the United States. His main office and part of his lab are in Santiago, but he works extensively at ECIM.

Lines of Research

Ecology of marine communities, ecology and ecophysiology of littoral marine fishes

Investigations conducted on marine rocky shores have played a central role in developing our understanding of the processes and mechanisms involved in the organization of natural communities. In this sense, the littoral environment provides an excellent scenario to pose new and relevant ecological questions at the population, community, and ecosystem levels. Moreover, our understanding of the many factors that affect the abundance and distribution patterns of coastal marine organisms has lead to the development of a whole suite of theories and predictive models, crucial in modern ecological thinking (e.g. the supply-side ecology, lottery models).

Our research work is mainly concentrated in the marine environment and particularly in the coastal zone. In this zone our research line mostly deals with ecology and ecophysiology of coastal fishes. In this regard, at present we are addressing four research problems:

  1. Long-term studies of the population and community dynamics of intertidal and subtidal fish assemblages of the Chilean coast.
  2. Ecophysiological aspects that may explain local distribution patterns of intertidal fishes.
  3. The influence of density-dependent and density-independent factors affecting local fish recruitment, and
  4. Recently we have incorporated coastal physical oceanographic data, and ichthyoplankton surveys that greatly improved our understanding of the processes and mechanisms involved in transport of fish larvae to the shore.