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Collaboration and Visiting Researchers

Much of the scientific work at ECIM involves collaboration with scientists from other universities in Chile and different countries around the world.

The majority of researchers currently working at ECIM also belong to the Center for Advanced Studies in Ecology and Biodiversity (CASEB), a national FONDAP Research Center based in the Ecology Department of the Biological Sciences Faculty of the PUC in Santiago. Researchers at CASEB work throughout most of Chile in a wide variety of marine and terrestrial ecosystems.LINCG Team in Mallorca

Recently researchers at the Department of Ecology PUC and at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas of Spain (CSIC) created the research center  LINC-GLOBAL, dedicated to the scientific study Global Changeand its ecological impact on all terrestrial ecosystems. ECIM researchers form part of the founding group of scientists and here in Las Cruces we are constructing the LINC-GLOBAL building, which will have offices, meeting rooms and laboratories for Spanish and Chilean researchers while in research internships and workshops.


Several researchers at ECIM have been active participants in international collaborative projects and organizations including the International Consortium for Research in Upwelling Marine Biogeographic Areas (ICORUMBA), funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation with members also in the United States, South Africa and New Zealand. In addition, ECIM is part of a joint laboratory, LIA-DIAMS (Laboratoire Internacional Associé – Dispersal and Adaptation in Marine Species), with Roscoff Marine Laboratory of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) of France. This collaborative effort, led by Dr. Juan Correa in Chile and Dr. Myriam Valero in France, centers around research on the ecology and population genetics of dispersal and adaptation of marine invertebrates and seaweeds. PhD students from our Doctoral Program at the Departmeent of Ecology-PUC can  opt for a dual doctoral degree from  PUC and Université Paris VI.

Recently ECIM has become part of the network of research platforms of  the European Union as an Associate Laboratory under the framework of  ASSEMBLE (Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories).  This network is aimed at promoting the access to advanced infrastructure in Marine Biology. Through ASSEMBLE, any researcher from the  European Union or from laboratories associated to the European  network can develop his/her research project using all the facilities of  ECIM and/or the complementary infrastructure available in laboratories of the Facultad de Ciencias Biologicas in Santiago. The costs of using this infrastructure will be covered by ASSEMBLE thanks to the financial support of the European Union, through the presentation of a specific research project to ASSEMBLE's Local Committee. The research can be developed independently or in collaboration with ECIM researchers.

Researchers who cannot apply to support by ASSEMBLE and who wish to conduct field or laboratory work at or near ECIM may request access contacting the Director  (cvega@bio.puc.cl, snavarrete@bio.puc.cl). Available facilities include:

  • Lodging in cabins located at ECIM
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Meeting space
  • Laboratory space
  • Aquariums
  • Use of boats
  • Access to divin equipment
  • Oceanografic instruments